The Out of Hours Cleaning Specialists

Our Specialist Equipment

Hard Floors and Upholstery

We use the van mounted Hydramaster Boxxer 421 to clean delicate upholstery and also for tile and other hard surfaces. It is classed as a power-washer and cleans using water at a maintained temperature of 240°F. The van-mounting has the significant benefit that it is used outside and minimises sound disturbance for the property owner.

Carpet Cleaning

For carpet restoration and cleaning we use the RX-20 carpet cleaner in conjunction with the Boxter 421. This machine meets the highest standards of carpet cleaning effectiveness. The Boxter 421's higher temperatures means it cleans better, going deeper into the carpet pile to get rid of dirt and stains. It also allows the carpet to dry much faster.

Window Cleaning:

For our window cleaning we use the Ionics Thermopure Reach & Wash System. By using hot and pure water, dirt is more easily absorbed therefore giving a better and shinier clean. The long reach system allows us to clean windows up to 4th floor windows (80ft high) and as low as ground floor.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We use our Ionics Thermopure system for cleaning Solar Panels to provide optimum cleaning and performance from your solar panels therefore maximising efficiency.